About us

Nicola Joubert

After completing my law degree in South Africa, I went traveling across India for a year and my life path took a different direction.  I am a dynamic and experienced media & communications specialist with 15 years of global experience across print, digital, exhibitions and video production. I have worked in London, Dubai, Cape Town and Brussels, with solid experience in consumer, B2B and political content marketing and lobbying.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked intimately with editorial, publishing and sales teams, which has given me superior insight into all the facets of digital publishing, content and marketing.

I met Liam in 2017 and it became clear our combined talents and skillsets make up an ultimately unique and winning combo. We are good at what we do, do it well and haven’t managed to strangle each other – yet.

In a current media landscape which is overwhelmingly cluttered, audiences are bombarded with constant marketing messages 24-7. Thus creating a solid media and content plan to effectively target consumers is a challenging task, even more so when technology is changing on a daily basis.

Helping clients cut through the clutter and noise by way of streamlined, razor sharp methods is my specialty and seeing results from a well thought-out, strategic and analytically devised plan is what makes me tick.

Liam Maguire

For 19-years I have worked for media owners, selling and producing a vast range of content as the Head of Delivery for a Creative Solutions department. Since leaving the department I founded 10-years ago… well nothing much has changed! 9lazy9 can match, and better any work performed as part of a larger organisation. In fact we can produce work of a higher quality, for a smaller fee and without restrictions on where to place the media.

From content marketing – in the form of high end, six figure budget video production – through to promotion of native content across a range of verticals – there are not many things in media I have not done.

Identifying the right person for the job and briefing them effectively is one of my key skills. I am fluent in the language of journalists, developers, videographers and marketers alike.

Over the years I have built up an extensive “little black book” of media contacts covering nearly every skill we may require, across many industries. With this flexibility of approach, combined with a long history of successful delivery, you can be confident in receiving quality work, on time, on budget.

Quality work. On time. On budget.