What we do

For advertisers 9lazy9 can provide a full suite of content marketing services. Producing the content – video, websites, events, social, print and digital advertising creative and then promoting it to the relevant audience.

Production can be on an ad hoc basis or as part of a wider content marketing strategy. 9lazy9 can plan the media/release strategy, buy and optimise the space for campaigns on traditional and social platforms.

Got a communication issue? Standard advertising not getting the expected response? 9lazy9 produces valuable content in a tone and style appealing to your target market.

We then target these audiences with the right message at the right time in the right place for the best response.

Content Marketing

Modern consumers are a savvy bunch. They know a press release when they read one, they know when they are being sold to and all the research points to them resenting it. In order to build a relationship with your customers you need to give them something valuable, something they want to read/watch/visit/play. Build trust, be their friend, have 2-way communication with them and when the time comes to buy – the sale comes to you.

9lazy9 will handle every aspect of this communication – from the strategy through to the content creation, the promotion and the reporting/analysis. Working with specialists in the relevant fields, we produce valuable content your customers want to see and align it with your brand.

Native Campaign Specialists

There is a clear trend towards “native advertising” in many markets, you might hear it called “sponsored” or “promoted” content. Traditionally, native campaigns have been booked with media owners, they are native to the brand on which they are promoted. The new native is by audience – not brand. There is no need to limit promotion of this content to the titles of a single media owner.

Many media owners have specific departments producing native content, we worked in several and many do what they do well. They do have some limitations, such as significant overheads meaning large fees for simple work , a requirement to use in-house resource and limited promotional opportunities.
Let 9lazy9 cut through the noise and lend you a hand. We can produce the content at a reasonable rate, by commissioning relevant in-market experts, and then promoting this content to your customers wherever they are.

Quality work. On time. On budget.