Previous Work

Video Production

Philips European design

A short documentary produced for Philips Televisions focussing on key European Design partners and the philosophy behind European Design. Shot on location in Amsterdam.

4K 60FPS HDR Demo Content – Philips Televisions – Burano

Produced by 9lazy9 in April 2019 on behalf of Philips Television. Every Philips television globally in 2020 will come with this demonstration content built-in. It will also appear in retail stores. Burano is a tiny island close to Venice, many thanks to Leigh and Alister, Billy for putting up with us and Trattoria al Gatto Nero for providing food from the Gods.

Philips Performance Series – The One That Plays It All

Commissioned to produce video clearly communicating a complex message on HDR formats. A significant copywriting challenge, we worked closely with content suppliers (Netflix, Dolby etc.) to secure permissions.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 series launch

One of a series of product launch videos for Bowers & Wilkins. These digital presentations replaced live demonstration events in our new Covid world.

Bowers & Wilkins’s press conference

– IFA 2020

Filming and facilitating the live broadcast of Bowers & Wilkins’s press conference, product launch and live Q&A. Using a TV studio approach in the UK and dialling in local partners from around the world, viewers were able to interact via a live chat facility.


A series of 10 B2B videos produced for the Chartered Institute of Professional Development.

Philips Televisions Press Conference

– IFA 2019

9lazy9 took a pair of influencers to IFA 2019 to produce daily short videos for Philips TVs. These videos were shot and edited with a 12 hour turnaround time each.



Produced for Philips TVs to use at IFA 2019. Showcasing the 5 benefits of Ambillight the video featured prominently at IFA 2019. Subsequently this has been translated into 15 languages and used in retail around the world.

Quality work. On time. On budget.